Panaw sa Pagtuo

Sacred Art or Ars Sacra expresses the highest manifestation of a divine truth. It captures what mere words cannot express. It turns invisible reality into a visible symbol of belief. What has otherwise been incomprehensible religious truth becomes discernible facets of faith.

“Panaw sa Pagtuo: The Journey of Faith @ 500 Years of Christianity” exhibits the many expressions of art created in the service of the Catholic Church mission. It showcases colonial influences in Cebu’s religious art and use of such in the Archdiocese of Cebu through the centuries.

John Paul II, motu proprio Apostolic Letter Inde a Pontificatus Nostri, 25 March 1993.

“By its very nature, faith tends to express itself in artistic forms and historical testimony having an intrinsic evangelizing power and cultural value, to which the Church is called to pay the greatest attention.”