Retablos: of Statues and Shells

The retablo or main altar is usually the most impressive feature inside a church. The Santiago Apostol Parish Church in Badian possesses an exceptionally intact wooden retablo with an elaborately carved frontal acquired during its Spanish period days.

For years, the church of Badian was distinguished by its red-colored clay roof tiles and a belfry perched atop the pediment. Galvanized iron sheets replaced the tile roof in the 1990s while the bell tower was removed upon advice of the National Historical Institute for safety reasons. The parish was established on August 26, 1825. Its church has kept most of its old features.

Enshrined in niches on the massive retablo of the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino are Augustinian saints in estofado sculpture. The top central image is a bas relief of the transverberation (piercing of the heart) of San Agustin. The present day Basilica was started during the time of Fray Jose Bosqued in 1730.