Floor tiles

Decorative patterned baldosas called machuca, named after the owner of the company behind its production, were the top flooring choice in Cebu churches in the early 1900s. A few of these churches, such as the San Nicolas Tolentino Parish in Malabuyoc and San Gregorio Magno Parish in Ginatilan, still have their original floor tiles.

The Malabuyoc Church still retains its pre-war blue machuca floor tiles in harlequin pattern. The same goes for the 1930’s machuca tiles of the Ginatilan Church .

The San Gregorio Magno Parish Church in Ginatilan was constructed starting in May and June of 1854, according to an entry in the old parish books. It was finished in 1866 with the completion of the retablo during the time of Fr. Lino Codilla. Ginatilan was established as a parish in 1847 when it was made independent from its matriz Samboan.